Situation Report
Evolution of COVID-19 cases in Burundi
Evolution of COVID-19 cases in Burundi

COVID-19 Situation Update

Total number of tests performed: 75,405 (as of 17 December)

Total cases: 756 (as of 17 December)

Total cases cured: 678 (90%) (as of 17 December)

Total number of deaths: 1

Provinces / districts affected: 25/47 health districts (53%) are affected, distributed in 14/18 provinces (78%). The majority of cases (66%) are found in the city of Bujumbura, in 3 health districts: Bujumbura north (160 cases), Bujumbura center (228 cases) and Bujumbura south (119 cases).

Flights / Borders: Since November 9, 2020, commercial flights have resumed at Ndadaye Melchior International Airport, after more than 5 months of closure due to COVID-19. One of the conditions demanded by the civil aviation authorities is compliance with preventive measures and a 72-hour quarantine in one of the hotels in Bujumbura on arrival.

A total of one hundred (100) cases were notified during the month of November, 83% of these cases are imported but this information is linked to the fact that the tests are mainly carried out at the borders (airport and land entry point of Kobero , in Muyinga province).