Situation Report
Covid-19 cases in Burundi

Burundi reclassified by WHO Africa as a country with moderate community transmission of Covid-19

According to the official Government figures, between 31 March 2020 and 11 March 2021, 2,441 people were tested Covid-19 positive in Burundi out of 162,131 tests conducted with three recorded deaths. Out of the confirmed cases, 562 cases were imported (23.02 per cent) while 1,879 cases were locally transmitted (76.89 per cent), confirming community transmission of Covid-19 in Burundi. In view of the current evolution of the epidemiological situation, which is characterized by a significant resurgence of new cases, particularly in terms of community transmission, Burundi has been reclassified by the WHO Regional Office for Africa from the category of countries with “community transmission of low incidence” to the category of countries with “community transmission of moderate incidence.”

The Government has already organized two mass testing campaigns, the first took place from 6 July to 5 October 2020, and the second one was launched on 11 January 2021 for an initial period of 30 days.