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© UNICEF Burundi 2020
© UNICEF Burundi 2020

Five winners of the UNICEF-Cartedo vs. COVID-19 Challenge

In partnership with the Cartedo app and 14 youth organizations, UNICEF launched at the end of June 2020 a COVID-19 challenge for young people, aimed at giving them the opportunity to explore ideas to solve direct or indirect problems in their living environment, such as access to water or continuing school learning in the COVID-19 context.

Cartedo is a learning platform that allows young people to exchange ideas and innovative solutions and helps them to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

As part of this UNICEF-Cartedo partnership for COVID-19, the challenge provides an opportunity to develop the employability skills of adolescents and youth while contributing to global efforts to address the risk of COVID-19.

Burundi had the highest completion rate in the region with 670 solutions designed and submitted to the platform by adolescents who have been active on social media by sharing their ideas, inviting their peers to do the same, and voting for solutions that meet the needs and interests of the community.

Five solutions were selected by UNICEF to receive grants, US$1,000 per winner, for implementation. The awards were presented by the Prime Minister of Burundi. These solutions were selected for their creativity and capacity for implementation.

See the video of the Cartedo challenge here.