Situation Report
Food assistance
IDP beneficiary of food distribution in South-West region. Credit: OCHA Giles Clarke

Humanitarian Response: Food Security

Food Security Cluster partners provided food, agriculture and livelihood assistance to 245,300 people, equivalent to 32 per cent of the beneficiaries. Livelihood and household coping mechanisms are overly stretched, and the affected population is becoming increasingly dependent on monthly food assistance.

Many national NGOs are not operational, as funding remains a major challenge. The lack of funding continued to have a negative effect on the overall food security response, with some families in need not receiving assistance.

The Cluster recently concluded its Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) exercise with 66 per cent of the respondents feeling satisfied with the overall Cluster performance. Additionally, as part of the cluster performance review process, the Cluster plans to organize a validation workshop with partners to further discuss the responses and recommendations for an effective follow up of partners’ needs.