Situation Report
Emergency Response

Operational support and logistics


  • The internal review of the COVID 19 response enabled to identify needs in relation to the upcoming use of vaccines.

  • The need for strengthened cold chain for the country wide vaccination.

  • The need for a large-scale vaccine distribution network.


  • On 27 February, UNICEF’s Representative handed over the first consignment of 842 refrigerators to the Minister of Public Health, to provide health facilities that offer vaccination services. This delivery is part of a four-year project which will equip health facilities with at least 3,086 refrigerators, among other equipment, for a total cost of CFA $7 billion, jointly financed by the Government of Cameroon and UNICEF.

  • On 26 February, the Vaccine Global Access (COVAX) facility notified Cameroon about the allocation of 1,752,000 AstraZeneca/Oxford (SII) COVID-19 Vaccine doses.

Gaps & Constraints:

  • The maintenance service for newly received equipment is not guaranteed, especially for health districts in remote areas.