Situation Report
Emergency Response

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)


  • Intensification outreach and vaccination to businesses and organized groups.

  • Increase community awareness of vaccine adherence.

  • Resume screening activities in prisons and sensitize the prison community about the vaccination.

  • Information and awareness campaign on COVID-19, in preparation for the next African Cup of Nations (AFCON) which will take place from 9 January to 6 February 2022.


The MoH and its communication partners including UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) have undertaken several actions to strengthen communication and increase immunization rate:

  • Finalization of the communication tools on COVID-19 vaccination (audiovisual spots and microprograms, print materials);

  • Facilitation of a workshop to develop modules for the training of call center operators responding to 1510 alert calls;

  • Conducting a COVID-19 seroprevalence survey in the ten regional capitals;

  • Development of an operational communication plan for the COVID-19 seroprevalence survey;

  • In September and October, under the UNICEF leadership, the Risk Communication and Community Engagement Group (RCCE) organized 105 focus group discussions on vaccination against COVID-19 with personnel in health facilities.

The RCCE Group has also developed a plan to increase COVID-19 awareness in the upcoming AFCON sites. This includes:

  • The development of health situation reports during the competition;

  • The development of an AFCON health manual, in the COVID-19 context. The manual targets hospitals, duty pharmacies, screening sites, vaccination sites, and care sites. The group also organized rapid surveys and perception polls.

On 25 October, the RCCE group organized a meeting to review the implementation of community radio platforms activities, with priority given to communication on COVID-19.

UNHCR continued the implementation of its awareness raising activities on COVID-19 vaccine among refugee communities, while UNICEF and the RCCE group conducted the digital campaign on Facebook and Twitter.