Situation Report
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Humanitarian Response: Education

The national reopening of schools, including in the NWSW, is scheduled for 5 October 2020. Schools have been closed since 18 March to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In preparation of schools reopening, education cluster partners were able to support learning of 32,222 conflict and COVID-19 affected children (15,545 boys and 16,677 girls) in the NWSW through distance learning, provision of psychosocial support and provision of water and sanitation in schools and learning centres. This also includes access to education for 3,894 children (1,716 boys and 2,178 girls) affected by the dual emergencies of conflict and COVID-19 through e-learning and radio programme in both regions.

Education authorities continued preparing children who were sitting for general certificate examinations (GCE) amidst increased risks and threats from NSAGs to students and teachers. These attacks are expected to rise in the weeks before and after school reopening, based on previous trends. The education cluster, with the support of OCHA, is scaling up efforts in advance of the start of the school year to depoliticize education and ensure that all sides in the crisis refrain from using learning as a political tool in the crisis. Cluster partners are also exploring safer learning modalities that reduce the exposure of children and teachers to the risk of attacks.