Situation Report
Emergency Response

Case management, Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC)


  • According to the MoH, about 150,000 people in Cameroon, representing more than 1.2 per cent of the target population are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Despite various awareness campaigns, vaccination continues to incite fear, doubt, and skepticism among the population. This situation is the consequence of misinformation and rumors on social media.

Gaps & Constraints:

  • Low vaccination coverage although the demand is increasing.

  • Vaccines out of stock (Astra Zeneca and Sinopharm vaccines are expired and many people are waiting for the delivery of new vaccines to be able to receive their second vaccination dose).

  • Insufficient communication/awareness on preventive measures at the community level.

  • Weak monitoring and surveillance system for the pandemic.

  • Difficulty in maintaining achieved actions and milestones (trained health care providers, health infrastructure, hand washing point, medical equipment, etc.) due to lack of financial resources to continue activities.