Situation Report
Cadre Harmonisé_June-August2022
Source: Food Security Information and Early Warning System (FSEWS)/Ministry of Agricultural Development; November 2021.

The next lean season will be harder than in 2021

It is estimated that 1.73 million people will be severely food insecure (in phase 3 to 5 of the Cadre Harmonisé) during the next lean season, from June to August 2022. Compared to 1.14 million in November 2020, this represents an increase of over 51 percent. In addition, over 3.63 million people living in the pressure phase would increase the total number of food-insecure people, during the lean season, to over 5.37 million.

Moreover, about 550,000 displaced people, according to figures in 2021, when taken into account increase the number of food-insecure people to over 5.92 million. In total, more than 2.2 million people will be severely food insecure in 2022.

During the lean season, the most affected departments by phase 3 to 5 of food insecurity will be Wayi (Lac, 99,596), Assoungha (Ouaddaï, 95,732), Dar Tama (Wadi Fira, 71,051), Kanem (Kanem, 67,617), Bahr Azoum (Salamat, 66,619), Mamdi (Lac, 61,691), Batha Est (Batha, 60,442) and Tandjilé Est (Tandjilé, 58,188).

In terms of the proportion of food insecure people to the population, the departments of Wayi, Mamdi (Lac), Dar Tama, Iriba (Wadi-Fira), Kanem, Nord Kanem, and Wadi Bissam (Kanem) are the most affected.

Seasonal assistance could prevent the exacerbation of food insecurity in these regions once the lean season starts. Additionally, strengthening their livelihoods now would contribute to a substantial reduction in the number of severely food insecure people during the upcoming lean season.