Ethiopia - Northern Ethiopia Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


  • Completion of WASH facilities at “Sabacare-4” IDPs relocation site in Mekelle by September.

  • Completion of WASH facilities in other relocation sites across the region.

  • Rehabilitation of sanitation facilities at schools used to shelter IDPs after their relocation.

  • WASH NFIs for IDP sites and host communities.

  • Adequate provision of WASH services across the region to prevent disease outbreaks, including water-borne diseases.


  • WASH Cluster partners supported the relocated IDPs to “Sabacara 4” with WASH services.

  • During the reporting period, WASH response covered 27 Woredas in Mekelle, Central, Eastern, South-Eastern, and Southern Zones.

  • Some 419,466 people, including 116,115 IDPs in Mekelle, Central, South-Eastern, and Eastern Zones were reached with water. This includes people receiving water in North Western Zone during the previous reporting period as reporting was delayed due to lack of communications.

  • Rehabilitation of 119 water points (hand pumps) and motorized systems, compared to 157 a week earlier, reaching 24,635 people in South-Eastern, Southern and Eastern Zones.

  • During the reporting period, 89,277 people, including 40,056 IDPs, reached with hygiene promotion and WASH NFIs at IDP sites and within the host community.


  • Limited capacity of WASH partners to support the relocation process including delayed process with the selection of new sites and limited capacity to construct infrastructures in a short period.

  • Lack of fuel is significantly hindering WASH interventions, including water trucking, and generators for water pumping.

  • Construction of latrines and bathing units at some IDP collective sites have stopped due to lack of resources.

  • Several sanitation facilities (latrines and showers) were vandalized, doors and roofs looted at “Sabacare 4” relocation site.

  • Permanent water supply system not completed due to lack of cash problems.

  • Shortages of WASH supplies due to limited availability of NFIs at the local market and shortages of cash to replenish stocks.

  • Reduction of quantity of water provided in some IDP collective sites due to lack of cash and fuel.