Ethiopia - Tigray Region Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • No update since last reporting period.


  • Nutrition partners continued to scale up nutrition screening in 37 out of 93 Woredas of Tigray region, reaching 34,362 children 6-59 months, up from 21,115 the previous week.  

  • Some 1,123 children were identified with severe acute malnutrition (3.2% of the total screened) and enrolled on lifesaving treatment compared to 703 cases in the previous week (3.3%)

  • During the week, 11,985 children 6-59 months received blanket supplementary food, while 1,862 children 6-59 months with moderate acute malnutrition received food commodities.  

  • Some 1,507 pregnant and breastfeeding/lactating women (PLW) received blanket food rations, and 2,668 PLWs suffering from acute malnutrition received food rations.    

  • Moreover, progress continued on malnutrition prevention response with 2,663 pregnant women, mothers and caregivers of children less than 24 months received appropriate individual infant and young feeding counselling.  In addition, 6,804 children 6-59 months receiving vitamin A supplementation, and 3,835 children 24-59 months each received a deworming tablet. 


  • Access restrictions across the region hindering nutrition response.