Ethiopia - Tigray Region Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • As partners access and conduct screenings in more woredas, they are raising alarms about an extremely concerning malnutrition situation across the Region.

  • More than half of the 605 pregnant and lactating women (PLWs) screened in ten woredas in early March were identified with MAM. Partners are raising concerns about the unfolding of an intergenerational cycle of nutrition in the Region, which can manifest as increased stillbirths, miscarriages, and risk of maternal and neonatal mortality.


  • Partners continue to provide nutrition services at static health facilities and through mobile health and nutrition teams. In the second week of March, Nutrition Cluster partners screened over 6,000 children and identified 311 children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). These children were then admitted to outpatient therapeutic programmes (OTP). To date, close to 40,000 children have been screened and over 1,500 children were identified with SAM and admitted to therapeutic feeding programme (TFP) sites.

  • Concern Worldwide has begun supplementary feeding programmes (SFP) in Tsada Amaba Woreda of North West Zone with 335 children and 529 pregnant and lactating women (PLW) supported.

  • Nutrition Cluster partners are supporting the Regional Health Bureau (RHB) to transport supplies to their respective operational woredas. GOAL has distributed 940 cartons of high-energy biscuits (HEB), 220 cartons of ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTF), 5 cartons each of F-75 and F-100 therapeutic milks to Abi Adi, Kola Temben, Hintalo and IDP sites in Mekelle.

  • According to the Emergency Coordination Centre, Nutrition partners facilitated SAM management training for 137 health extension workers (55 in Hintalo and 82 in Mekelle) as well as support for the transportation of nutrition supplies including 900 cartons of HEB to Abi Adi Hospital from Mekelle; 50 cartons of HEB, 40 cartons of RUTF, 2 cartons each of F-100 and F-75 therapeutic milks to Guya Health Centre; 50 cartons of HEB and 35 cartons of RUTF to Guroro Health Centre and, 35 cartons of RUTF to Ara Health Centre

  • UNICEF has signed additional partnership agreements with 4 NGOs, including AAH, CONCERN, GOAL and CRS. This now brings to a total of 6 NGOs, covering six out of seven zones. These partners will provide a package of lifesaving nutrition services, including SAM treatment, nutrition status monitoring (MUAC screening), infant and young child feeding (IYCF), Iron -Folic Acid (IFA) and Vitamin A supplementation

  • UNICEF will also deploy an additional 4 emergency nutrition monitors to ensure one monitor per zone to support monitoring of services provided by their partner and mobile teams.

  • WFP have received funds to cover 75% of the regional Blanket Supplementary Feeding (BSF) target and have begun BSF and TSFP in Ganta Afeshum, Bizet, Ahferom, Enticho, Atsbi, Endaselase, & Tsirae womberta woredas with plans to start BSF in Tahtay Maychew, Gulo Mekeda, Zalambessa, Egela and, Hahaile woredas

  • With disruptions to the Regional Health Bureau (RHB) and Ethiopia Nutrition Cluster (ENCU) monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems, reporting on nutrition services has been affected. UNICEF has provided technical assistance through the ENCU and third-party monitors to collate data across the region. This has begun to yield results with data received from 50 facilities showing preliminary admissions of 1,517 children with SAM.


  • Challenges and problems with internet access and other communication platforms causing delays in report sharing and communication with staff

  • Reports that health workers in 2 health centres and 8 health posts in Tanqua Milashe Woreda failed to resume duty