Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • An estimated 13 million people are in need emergency health assistance in Ethiopia due to conflict, drought and floods, including about three million displaced people.


  • 244,515 people were assisted with health services across Ethiopia in June.

  • In 2022, and as of the end of June, 1.3 million people out of the 7.1 million people targeted for health interventions, were reached with key health interventions.

  • More than 421,000 children aged 6 months-15 years received measles vaccination in June.

  • 2,000 mothers delivered safely through the assistance of skilled health personnel in June.


  • No salary payment for health staff in emergency affected locations, in an already strained health system, and partners’ inability to recruit the appropriate staff.

  • Lack of regular supply chain for medicines and delays in emergency funding.

  • Health facilities in many return locations were fully or partially destroyed by the conflict or floods, need rehabilitation.

  • Lack of fuel and cash affecting the delivery of health services especially in the northern Ethiopia.