Ethiopia - Tigray Region Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • Support the Regional Education Bureau (REB) with the rapid damage assessment of public schools in main cities including Shire, Adwa, Axum, and Adigrat.


  • In support to the REB, verifying if any of the 36 unoccupied public primary and secondary schools are functional in line with reopening schools on 7 June 2021.

  • UNICEF supported the REB to conduct a rapid damages assessment of Mekelle public schools, covering 52 of the 58 schools. Some 50 of the 52 schools incurred significant damage and looting. 

  • Save the Children distributed school bags with stationery materials, high-energy biscuits and COVID-19 masks to 600 children in Adigrat. 

  • Save the Children started learning activities at 3 IDP sites in Mekelle for 429 children.

  • World Vision continued training their newly recruited teachers and facilitators in South-Eastern Zone on UNICEF’s innovative and integrated education and child protection approach. This includes 64 teachers for the accelerated learning program and 24 facilitators for the accelerated school readiness program from Hintalo, Wejerat, Enderta and Degua Temben.

  • USAID funded READ II program engaged 330 community members on psychosocial support, social-emotional learning and education in emergencies. 


  • No update since last reporting period.