Ethiopia - Northern Ethiopia Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status

Emergency Shelter & Non-Food Items


  • Relocation of IDPs from schools to adequate alternative shelters ahead of reopening of schools on 20 September. 

  • ES/NFIs to more than 11,570 people who were reportedly displaced recently from areas bordering Eritrea to Adigrat and are staying with the host community. 


  • Between January and August, some 716,957 people–26 percent of the total 2.7 million people targeted were reached with emergency shelter and non-food items. With completed, ongoing, and planned distributions, about 1.18 million people, 42 per cent of the targeted population, will be reached by the end of the year. 

  • During the reporting period more than 8,977 IDPs in Nebelet, Alamata and Maichew towns received emergency shelter assistance.

  • More than 9,348 IDPs and 3,000 affected people in Adwa, Hawzen Maykenetal, Gerealta, Endabaguna, Indasilassie Town received emergency shelter assistance in inaccessible areas for the last 7 months.

  • Four hundred NFI kits targeting 2000 IDPs and host communities were distributed in Zana, North Western Zone, previously inaccessible.


  • Lack of supplies and market disruption due to access constraints to the region, further aggravating the IDPs already dire living conditions.

  • Low funding amidst the huge number of IDPs and possible returns.

  • Lack of fuel, electricity, communication, cash, and bank services are hindering the response.

  • Lack of shelter construction materials in the local market leading to a spike in the prices.