Ethiopia - Northern Ethiopia Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • Improved access and security to transport the required humanitarian supplies into the region.

  • Additional access routes to bring humanitarian supplies into the region are required.


  • Between 13 and 20 September, 15 trucks with 115 MT with Nutrition, NFI and Shelter on behalf of 7 partners were transported from Mekelle to Shire, Maytsebri, Abid Adi, Mehoni, Wajirat, Degua Temben, Sahrti, Adigrat, Hawzien and Samre.


  • Only one road, via Afar, is currently partially accessible for the transport of humanitarian supplies.

  • Lack of fuel to carry out operations.

  • Lack of telecommunications is hindering communications with partners and with the field.

  • Lack of cash to support day to day activities, procure locally and pay local staff.