Ethiopia - Tigray Region Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • No updates since last reporting period.


  • The Logistics Cluster has facilitated the dispatch of over 3900 metric tons of humanitarian cargo since December 2020 on behalf of its partners along the main routes into Tigray, primarily Gondar – Mai Tsebri – Shire routes, and from Kombolcha to Mekelle.Secondary routes have yet to be serviced due to lack of requests from partners for delivering of cargo along these routes.

  • During the reporting period, the Logistics Cluster facilitated the transport of 446 MT of WASH, protection, shelter, health, food, nutrition and NFI cargo to Tigray on behalf of 9 partners, compared to 185 MT a week earlier.

  • The Logistics Cluster currently supports 41 partners in the Tigray response and is on standby to facilitate access to a dedicated WFP fleet to support the humanitarian community, should commercial transport become unavailable.


  • Lack of access remains the main challenge of the response.