Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • Safe and sustained access and additional transportation routes via road and air to transport the required humanitarian supplies to Tigray and other hard-to reach areas, mainly in Amhara and Afar regions.

  • Increased needs of transport and potential storage for partners.

  • Deployment of Mobile storage units (MSUs) in light of the coming rainy season to support prepositioning.


  • In July, eight convoys totaling 1220 trucks confirmed arrival in Mekelle on behalf of 23 partners.

  • The cluster airlifted 92.2 mt of humanitarian cargo in July, including health, nutrition, and office items on behalf of 6 partners.

  • In Amhara, the cluster facilitated four convoys to Wag Hemra Zone in July.

  • The cluster received approximately 783 m³ of WASH and shelter items for storage at Gondar warehouse on behalf of 1 partner and 30 m³ of health and protection items for storage at the Kombolcha warehouse on behalf of 2 partners in July.

  • In Afar, the cluster provided transport services of approximately 147 mt of NFI items in collaboration with one partner for people relocating from Semera to Ab’ala.

  • The cluster also stored 1,695 m³ of assorted humanitarian cargo in the Semera warehouse on behalf of eight partners in July.


  • Limited or lack of essential items facilitating humanitarian deliveries

  • Limited number of commercial transporters in and to Tigray. Limited transporters to support Afar humanitarian response.

  • Increased needs for storage and transport services in North Shewa, and other locations in Amhara.

  • Needs to speed up deployment of Mobile storage units (MSUs) due to the coming of rainy season in Amhara.



2. The Logistic Cluster is only active in northern Ethiopia.