Situation Report

Cluster Status

Camp Coordination and Camp Management


  • Firewood, cooking oil, milling support and WASH services continue to be needed in the majority of IDP sites across Ethiopia, affecting at least 582,000 IDPs.

  • Shortage of critical medications, medical equipment and supplies is reported in about 154 IDP sites supported by partners, affecting approximately 582,000 IDPs.

  • Need for drinking water is critical in some IDP sites due to low level of water trucking, while construction and dislodging of latrines also remain in need to avert epidemics during the rainy season.

  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of shelter due to harsh weather conditions, sandstorm, rainstorms, and hot climate in Afar, Somali and Tigray regions. For example, in northwest Tigray 1,156 households’ shelters were fully/partially damaged in 12 sites while in Somali Region, 2,160 IDP homes were fully/partially damaged at Qoloji 1 and 2 camps. In Afar region several shelters were destroyed in Agatina IDP site.


  • Shelter construction work continued in various sites across Ethiopia during July, including 200 duplex shelters in Aid Abay, 215 shelters upgraded in Hitsats and 1,232 duplex shelters and 20 communal kitchens and two multipurpose community centers finalized in Mai-Dimu in Shire, Tigray. Four communal kitchens were also constructed in Woyneshet and 3 Kebele IDP sites in Debre Birhan. The construction of seven communal kitchen and one multipurpose shed has also started in TIRKI relocation site.

  • In Somali Region, 2160 IDPs hit by windstorm at Qoloji IDP site received shelter repair material. Each household received two tarpaulin/plastic sheets, one rope and 18 pieces of bathing soap.

  • In Tigray, 550 solar streetlights were installed in 25 IDP sites in Adwa, Shire, and Adigrat during July.

  • Also in Tigray, 1,406 plastic sheets were distributed to 850 households in 11 IDP sites in Shire; and the maintenance of 563 partially damaged duplex shelters was ongoing during the reporting period.

  • In Oromia Region, household level intention survey was conducted in seven woredas of East and West Hararge zones from 18 to 21 July. 16 IDP sites hosting 1592 long-term IDP households were provided their input on durable solutions options.

  • In Amhara, local authorities approved a 1.6-hectare land to establish a new IDP site in Debre Berhan in North Shewa, which would help decongest existing sites. A multi-agency assessment determined the site suitability of the site.


  • Limited number of CCCM partners and lack of cash is hampering CCCM related activities, including monitoring and site improvement.

  • Insecurity preventing access to some IDP sites