Ethiopia - Tigray Region Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status

Camp Coordination and Camp Management


  • Only 30 per cent of WASH facilities are completed at “Sabacare 4” IDP site.

  • Increased IDP sites in Shire and Mekelle from 15 to 16 and from 19 to 21 respectively since a week earlier reflecting growing influx of IDPs to these two locations.

  • Designation of a Government camp management entity is urgently needed to ensure a well-coordinated approach with the daily management and maintenance of IDP camps across Tigray.


  • CCCM Cluster partners distributed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) materials for Site Management Support (SMS) and Women committee members in 16 SMS managed sites reaching 217 committee members, for their use in the event of COVID-19 contact tracing and assisting suspected cases for testing.

  • Service monitoring was conducted in IDP sites in Axum university, Shire campus, Firesewat high school, Tsehaye primary school and Midregenet primary school.


  • Cross-cutting funding gaps across CCCM/Shelter and WASH clusters for “Sabacare 4” site.

  • Food and shelter remain the major complaints by IDPs mostly residing at IDP sites.

  • Additional camp management partners are needed.