Ethiopia - Northern Ethiopia Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status

Camp Coordination and Camp Management


  • Food, cooking oil, non-food items, cooking energy, milling support, drinking water, dignity kits, and medications at IDPs sites.

  • Safe and dignified relocations of IDPs from schools used as collective sites to the planned sites and other alternative shelters with full consultation with the displaced community. 

  • Privacy at the collective sites and specific support to the people with disabilities.

  • Lack of scholastic materials for the displaced children at the IDPs sites.

  • Additional spaces to reduce the overcrowding at the IDPs sites to reduce the risk to communicable diseases including spread of COVID-19.

  • Relocation of more than 50,000 IDPs from 6 schools in Adigrat, Eastern Zone, to alternative shelters.

  • Relocation of IDPs from schools in Abi Adi. There are 15 collective sites in town, of which, 13 are schools, with more than 42,000 people. Relocation options such as unfinished buildings, government facilities, dormitories of tertiary institutions will be assessed and identified for relocation. 

  • Support to relocate approximately 400-600 households from two primary schools to the new relocation site “Sabacare 4” in Mekelle on 14 September.


  • Completion of communal kitchens at IDP sites of Shire. 

  • Road improvements in various IDP sites in Shire. 

  • Thirty-two committee members, including 14 women, reached with COVID-19 and Cholera awareness-raising session at the IDPs site at Nigiste-Saba secondary school, Adwa. A Code of Conduct training was also provided to them.

  • Some 500 trees were planted by IDPs in five sites in Mekelle.

  • IDPs sites and city cleaning campaign was carried in Mekelle.

  • Twenty staff from partner organizations were trained in Mekelle on camp coordination and management. 

  • CCCM and Protection Cluster partners conducted two training on Communication with Communities (CwC) and Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) for service providers and authorities in Abi Adi. 

  • Some 13 IDPs collective sites were provided with firewood in Mekelle. 


  • Lack of cash and fuel impacts the implementation of site coordination, improvement and repairs activities at IDPs sites, and the movement of partners to respond in remote collective sites. 

  • Lack of internet, communications, and electric power delay timely reporting from the field, including new IDPs.