Ethiopia - Northern Ethiopia Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • Desert Locust that laid eggs in July and early August has started hatching in South, South Eastern, Central, and Eastern Zones. A verification mission to Samre Woreda in South-Eastern confirmed the presence of the first Instar stage (newly hatched) locusts. 

  • Support irrigation farming, seed multiplication, livestock vaccination, cash, and income-generating activities.


  • Some 12,320 MT of seeds were distributed, reaching 201,283 households by partners and 126,976 households by the Bureau of Agriculture.

  • Cluster partners are conducting a post-distribution monitoring in 10 Woredas in North Western, Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Zones to estimate the area planted in the Meher season versus expected yield. 

  • Cluster partners are conducting a clinical investigation following a reported animal metabolic disorder in Hahayle Woreda, Central Zone, leading to the instant death of 101 livestock. 


  • Lack of fuel and cash is hindering the transportation of agricultural inputs.

  • Lack of refrigerator at woreda level to keep vaccines and drugs.

  • Lack of chemicals to combat fall armyworm affecting maize and sorghum crops.