Ethiopia - Tigray Region Humanitarian Update

Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • No updates since last reporting period


  • About 83,506 quintals (a quintal equals 100kg) of fertilizer was distributed to agricultural cooperative unions, for further distribution to farmers.

  • Improved agricultural inputs were distributed to 19,234 farming households (96,170 people) in 12 Woredas in Central, Eastern, North Western, South Eastern and Southern Zones. 

  • Seed distributions are ongoing this week. Some 2,773 quintals were distributed out of the 8,611 quintals transported to the Woredas.

  • Mothers and Children Multi-Sectoral Development Organization (MCMDO) and FAO conducted a three day training on agronomic practices and project introduction in attended by 79 extension workers  in Mekelle.


  • Lack of access to lands by farmers in a number of areas.

  • Access constraints and blocking fertilizer trucks to reach its destinations.