Situation Report

Cluster Status



  • An estimated 17.5 million people need agricultural support in 2022 across Ethiopia, of whom 11.5 million people are targeted.

  • The upcoming Meher harvest from October to December 2022 is expected to perform below average in drought-affected areas as well as new areas that are likely to face drought conditions, further increasing the number of people requiring agricultural support.


  • 10,868.5 MT of fertilizer reached Tigray.

  • At least 2.9 million people in drought affected areas received agricultural support

  • More than 60,000 households supported with crop seeds, tools, and livestock drugs and vaccines across the country for the Meher agricultural season

  • Overall, 3.3 million people received at least one type of agricultural support throughout the country in 2022, which is 26.3 per cent of target.


  • Lack of fertilizers to support the current seasonal response.