Situation Report

Protection of children, a major concern

Basic social services, such as health and education, have been interrupted across the country, leaving students, particularly adolescents, at risk of becoming victims of violence or of being recruited by gangs. Haiti has many children in institutions, such as orphanages and prisons, which have been severely affected by the shortages of basic commodities.

UNICEF has received information about an orphanage with 33 children with limited water supplies in Port-au-Prince. On 27-28 September, one of the largest orphanage in the country was attacked by a group of armed men. All 182 children in the orphanage witnessed the violence and remain vulnerable to subsequent attacks should the national police not be able to maintain order in Les Cayes. A local psychosocial service provider is providing services to the children.

Census-related activities are suspended as reported by the UN Population Fund, UNFPA.

Assistance activities at the national level for victims of sexual exploitation and abuse, children born of sexual exploitation and abuse have been suspended. More than 50 beneficiaries from the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Victim Assistance Project run by United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti, the UN Development Programme and Terre des Hommes in Les Cayes, Port-Salut, Jérémie, Port de Paix and Port-au-Prince have been affected.