Situation Report

Sector Status

Shelter & NFI

people in need of shelter support
HHs received shelter & NFIs in 17 counties


  • Shelter and NFI partners estimate that over 300,000 individuals (roughly 60,000 households) are in immediate needs of shelter and settlement support in form of rental subsidies, provision of temporary shelter and non-food items (NFI) and shelter repair support, the needs are spread across the 33 counties affected by floods, landslides and evictions, and COVID 19 high-risk counties. People requiring assistance include over 45,000 households across different counties affected by the floods, and over 10,000 households in an informal settlement requiring rental subsidies for at least three months.

  • In the long term, there is need for resettlement in alternative safer ground and shelter reconstruction for displaced population through build back better.

  • There is urgent need to put floods mitigation measures in places in the floods prone counties where communities are at higher risk of exposure to protected community asset and infrastructures from severe damages by future floods.


  • Emergency shelter and non-food items have been distributed to 13,284 households in 17 counties affected by floods. In addition, supplies have been procured to support 6,000 households with NFI/shelter, leaving a gap of more than 40,000 households requiring temporary shelter and NFI support.


  • Government restrictions related to COVID-19 which have delayed procurement timelines. and infrastructural damages will impair the access and efficiency of the service delivery.

  • The critical funding gaps the Sector is facing is also impairing the capacity to conduct in-depth assessment to ascertain the level of damages to shelter and provide prerequisite technical guidance on resettlement and shelter repair.