Situation Report

Access constraints continue on a downward trend

Reported humanitarian access constraints continue on a downward trend. March saw a total of 207 access constraints reported through the Access Monitoring and Reporting Framework (AMRF) by humanitarian organizations. This marks a 5 per cent decrease compared to February 2021, a 76 per cent decrease year-on-year compared to March 2020 and an approximate 80 per cent decrease compared to May 2020 (the highest number of constraints reported for a single month since the launch of the AMRF in March 2020).

Bureaucratic restrictions impeding movements of humanitarian staff and relief items into Libya continue to constitute the majority of access constraints, making up 34 per cent of reported constraints similar to the previous two months. Humanitarian organizations also indicated that 15 per cent of reported constraints involved interference in the implementation of humanitarian activities. Some partners reported that their staff were hindered by local authorities while conducting humanitarian activities. The humanitarian community seeks support from the Libyan Government of National Unity to address such incidents of interference to prevent them from recurring. Support is also needed to resolve the mentioned bureaucratic challenges by putting in place consistent processes for visas and customs clearances that are conducive to humanitarian activities.