Situation Report
Photo credit: Hamida Alsanousi (courtesy of WFP)
Photo credit: Hamida Alsanousi (courtesy of WFP)

Hamida – Providing people with the care

“Ten years ago, I lost my husband and became a widow, a single mother of six. I felt responsible not just for my children but towards my community and vulnerable people that live here,” says Hamida.

She is the head of Atta Elkhair, a woman-led local NGO rebuilding communities in Libya’s southern Murzuq region. “I established Atta Elkhair believing that there is no such thing as the impossible”, she says.

Atta Elkhair provides special assistance to orphans and people with special needs in the form of food and non-food assistance, psychosocial activities and community awareness on child rights. They also support the community through awareness campaigns focusing on women’s empowerment through income-generating opportunities.