Situation Report
Photo credit: Leila (courtesy of UN Women)
Photo credit: Leila (courtesy of UN Women)

Leila – Fighting for an inclusive, peaceful Libya

“I work hard to show that women are able to work in any place and on any issue. I believe Libya will only get out of the crisis if we intensify all our efforts and all work together, men and women,” Raja says.

Leila is a member of the Libyan Women Network for Peacebuilding, a female-led activist group to help peacebuilding efforts across the country. The network includes women representing a broad social, political, generational and geographic spectrum of Libya. As soon as COVID-19 became a threat, Raja and other network members quickly adapted their activism to respond to the pandemic. To help her community, Raja has taken a pivotal role, from sewing protective masks and raising awareness about the pandemic to distributing assistance to families.