Situation Report

Humanitarian Access update

Although some positive development regarding access constraints were noted at the start of the year, humanitarian operations faced operational constraints due to lengthy processes on visa approvals for international staff, often issued for limited periods at a time. However, by June, the number of Bureaucratic and Administrative Impediments witnessed a decrease as the visa approval process for international staff working with INGOs gained momentum. Although improvements are noted, INGOs expressed concerns about the visa renewal processes, which are unclear and lengthy, and hinder proper planning when forecasting staffing on the ground.

Restrictions on financial transactions, such as cash withdrawals and transfers, continue to impact operations for most humanitarian organizations. The inability to access cash often impacts service delivery and the level of acceptance of humanitarians in the country. Conversations with the Central Bank of Libya to find common solutions keep ongoing.

Recent increase in military operations and armed conflict have impacted operations, as staff movements are being limited due to the security situation. In addition, the suspension of UNHAS flights due to the lack of funding, has impacted access for humanitarian partners to Benghazi, Sebha and Kufra. The last flights operated by UNHAS in June were also impacted by a change in focal point within the LNA to clear landing permissions, which led to the cancellation of flights on at least seven occasions. The issue was resolved through engagements with the LNA, and should UNHAS find funding to return, landing clearances should no longer be a challenge.