Situation Report
ASG-RC/HC Georgette Gagnon meets with teachers in an IDP camp in Abusliem, Tripoli (OCHA/Jennifer Bose Ratka)

Humanitarian Coordinator meets with displaced people in Tripoli

The newly-appointed Humanitarian Coordinator, Georgette Gagnon, met with displaced and host communities in Abusliem, Tripoli, to get an understanding of the situation and discuss how they have been affected by years of conflict and displacement. As part of her visit, she met with the mayor of Abusliem, Abdulrahman Daw, to hear about the municipality’s efforts in hosting 6,000 displaced people, mostly from Tawergha. They also discussed current challenges and the need to return voluntary, in safety and with dignity.

While the suspension of fighting has allowed many internally displaced people to start returning to their homes, many basic services were damaged or destroyed in the conflict. Furthermore, explosive hazard contamination and damage to houses in South Tripoli pose serious obstacles to their safe returns. Since July 2020, more than 148,000 individuals returned to their communities of origin while over 278,000 people remain displaced in Libya. This includes 40,000 Tawerghans who have been displaced since 2011.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres announced the appointment of Georgette Gagnon of Canada as his new Assistant Secretary-General, Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya in late December 2020. Ms. Gagnon brings to the position over 25 years of experience leading and implementing strategic initiatives on human rights, humanitarian action and development and coordinating multi-disciplinary teams in conflict and post-conflict countries.