Situation Report

Cluster Status


children to require malnutrition treatment


  • Prolonged and increasing food insecurity in several parts of the country, multiple displacements and the consequent disruption of access to services in Cabo Delgado, coupled with COVID-19 will likely increase acute malnutrition in Mozambique. The situation is especially concerning amongst newly displaced families and host communities in Cabo Delgado Province, where increasing violence is also hampering humanitarian operations.


  • The Ministry of Health and its partners updated the Nutrition Response Plan to adapt it to current needs and to strength continuity of services.

  • Ready-to-use therapeutic food is being distributed as supplemental product to internally displaced people in Nampula and Sofala, with plans to expand the services to support people recently displaced in Cabo Delgado. Meanwhile, integrated mobile brigades resumed in Cabo Delgado to facilitate the delivery of essential health and nutrition response.


  • Logistics delays related to COVID-19 is leading to lack of supplies, including essential rehydration products for treatment of severe acute malnutrition, micronutrient powders for food supplementation for children under age 2 and vitamin A.