Situation Report

Cluster Status

Shelter & Non-Food Items

ppl need shelter support in Cabo Delgado
ppl need shelter support in Sofala &Manica


  • Approximately 411,000 people (82,000 households) across the districts of Macomia, Quissanga, Mocimboa de Praia, Muidumbe, Mueda, Nangade, Palma and Meluco (Cabo Delgado) need emergency shelter support, according to the latest DTM.

  • In Sofala and Manica provinces, some 83,000 people displaced in resettlement sites are still living in emergency shelter and need support to upgrade at least to transitional shelter.

  • Around 197,000 people have not been able to improve their housing condition since they lost their house during Cyclone Idai.

  • Overall, 280,000 people (56,000 households) need shelter support to achieve minimum shelter standards for adequate shelter in Sofala and Manica provinces.


  • In Cabo Delgado, IOM distributed shelter/NFI items and framing kits (including 100 bamboo poles, 16 construction poles, nails and rubber tie wire) to 897 IDP HHs in Metuge District.

  • ICRC/CVM distributed household kits to 1,600 IDP HHs after assessment (like the one ongoing lead by IOM) in 3 Pemba’ neighbourhoods.

  • IOM is planning to undertake engineering works at the schools/public buildings to restore lighting and ventilation in the buildings. 

  • In Sofala Province, coordination with Health partners (WHO, IOM, Pathfinder, CVM / IFRC, Save the Children, AMODEFA) is ongoing to support the functioning of Mobile Health Brigades - including assessment and monitoring mission with the DPS.

  • Three tents distributed to the Rural Hospital of Buzi: one for consultations at the family planning unit, another for tracking COVID-19 cases and the third for maternity care, to isolate and care for pregnant women with COVID-19 symptoms.


  • Due to the limited funding, 280,000 people remain in need of humanitarian assistance in the central region of Mozambique.