Situation Report

Cluster Status


children not receiving school feeding
schools destroyed in Cabo Delgado


  • As schools are planning reopening waiting for the official confirmation of a date, reinforcement of hygiene materials and products within scope of COVID-19 are needed in Sofala and Cabo Delgado provinces.

  • Acquisition of more posters, informative and educational pamphlets about new Coronavirus in schools and other support for school supplies for students in Sofala province.

  • Government to prepare the places where the IDP’s will be moved to, just to prepare the schools reopening, as many of them are allocated at schools in Metuge. In Manica, there is need to mobilize partners for the construction and rehabilitation of 200 resilient conventional classrooms. Construction of 100 TARP Tent Classrooms in a first phase in the districts of Sussundenga, Macate, Mossurize and Gondola;

  • There is need for sheets, beams, nails and screws to cover classrooms built by communities in Manica province .


  • The Ministry of Education and Human Development (MINEDH) issued a circular on the preparations for the reopening with detailed guidelines to establish obligatory basic health, WASH and child protection conditions.

  • In Sofala, the Provincial Directorate of Education received a hygiene kit from Plan International consisting of: 6 buckets of 50 litres each with tap, 12 buckets of 20 litres with tap, 15 bottles of “certeza” (water treatment product) and a soap box.

  • Several activities regarding remote learning were conducted across Sofala province: Elaboration of support texts and exercise sheets, with support from partners and ADE fund, including syllabus taught until 23 March 2020; Recording and broadcasting of classes via Community Radio; Sensitization of Parents / Guardians in the survey of supporting texts and exercise sheets in Schools, ensuring safety measures and meetings involving school managers, the Council of Schools and Community Leaders within the scope of the disclosure of Circular No. 05 / GM / MINEDH / 001.1 /2020.

  • In Manica, supervision of the fulfillment of teaching programs in the field of emergency was carried out in all districts through reports received from SDEJTs. The teaching of classes via radio channels was monitored by all students with Community radio stations.

  • In coordination with Save The Children, 345 reading facilitators were trained in the communities in addition to the 120 mobile teachers to monitor the teaching and learning process of students in the districts of Manica, Machaze, Macossa and Tambara.

  • Awareness raising of communities in the prevention of COVID-19 is underway through school councils in all districts. 80 masks were produced and distributed to teachers and staff at ESG Sagrada Coração das Matongas in the district of Gondola.

  • In Beira, Buzi and Cheringoma districts, private sector and NGO engaged in reconstruction and rehabilitation of schools and other education facilities affected by Tropical Cyclone Idai: More than 40 classrooms were reconstructed or rehabilitated mostly in primary school, where in addition, five bathrooms or latrines and four administrative blocks were reconstructed, three elevated tank of tap water and a playing field.

  • In Beira, 350 school desks were allocated, another 50 in Cheringoma where partners also supported in 100 zinc sheets.

  • In Cabo Delgado, the Provincial Director of education visited IDP sites in Metuge. All clusters will jointly assess the local where IDPs will be reallocated after school reopening including data collection of children IDP in Metuge

  • School material (plastic sheets, student kits, school kits-school in a box and chalk boards) donated by UNICEF have been sent for distribution in Mueda, Muidumbe, and Nangade. Plans are made to send to Macomia, M. Praia, Palma, Ibo, Meluco and Quissanga as well (probably by boat) .