Situation Report

Cluster Status


children not receiving school feeding
schools destroyed in Cabo Delgado


  • Closure of schools since 23 March, as COVID-19 preventive measure, has affected more than 8 million children.

  • Construction, rehabilitation of more classrooms and provision of temporary learning spaces (TLS) are needed in the districts of Mecúfi, Metuge, Chiúre, Ancuabe, Montepuez, Namuno and Balama (Cabo Delgado) because of migration from IDPs.

  • In Cabo Delgado, attacks by non-state armed groups destroyed more than 107 schools (including a teacher training centre), affecting more than 56,000 children and almost 1,100 teachers. There is a need to continue to mobilize cooperation partners for the construction, rehabilitation, and recovery of 330 classrooms in the Cabo Delgado province.

  • Teachers need psychosocial support, especially those displaced and those who work with students in accommodation sites.

  • In Sofala Province, provision of materials for hygiene and products (for cleaning of schools when schools reopen) within the scope of COVID -19 is needed, together with the procurement of more posters, informative and educational pamphlets on coronavirus in schools. Logistical support to conduct monitoring of activities carried out in schools and households.



  • For the COVID-19 response, Arco Iris Ministry School / Cabo Delgado Delegation in Pemba, distributed feeding kits to 820 students’ families who attended the school. The kit consisted of 10 kg of corn flour, 3 kg of butter beans, 1 empty 10-liter bucket for water, 1 bar of soap and 1 kg of salt). Associação Progresso is carrying out awareness campaigns in compliance with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • World Vision International completed the mobilization and orientation sessions on COVID-19 for district authorities, community leaders and teachers in 6 schools and 10 resettlement centres in Buzi, Dondo and Nhamanatanda districts.

  • Plan International allocated hygiene kits to 1,715 students (1,113 girls and 602 boys) in 6 primary schools as well as hygiene kits to 199 teachers (112 men and 87 women) in 16 primary schools. The organization disseminated COVID-19 prevention spots, prevention of violence against minors (safeguarding children), in local languages: Portuguese, Sena, Ndau on radio. Supported the transmission of 45 weekly classes (in the last two months) of primary and secondary education via radio and reproduced 48,400 guidelines for learning and exercise sheets for schools benefiting 9,011 students (4,308 girls and 4,703 boys).

  • In Cabo Delgado, training was recently organized with funding from Centre for Learning and Capacity Building of Civil Society, to support teachers who have been displaced by violence and insecurity in Quissanga, Ibo, Macomia, Mocimboa da Praia, Meluco, Mueda and Nangade District. Training took place in three towns (Pemba, Montepuez and Macomia), and reached a total of 304 teachers.

  • Rehabilitation interventions have been undertaken in the following schools in Macomia district: EPC Muagamula (five classrooms), EPC Xinavane (two classrooms), EPC Liucue (two classrooms), EPC Licangano (three classrooms), EP1 Nanjaba (two classrooms), EPC Litamanda (rehabilitation of two toilets and EPC Nanga (rehabilitation of two classrooms). Moreover, Street Child completed the mixed construction of a block of three classrooms in EPC Nancaramo/Metuge district.

  • Though CERF funds, UNICEF delivered school material (school-in-a-box, learners’ kit, chalkboard, tarpaulin) to Pemba, Metuge, Chiure, Ancuabe, Mecufi, Montepuez, Namuno and Balama District.

  • For Cyclone Idai response, UNICEF have signed contracts with contractors for the rehabilitation of 72 classrooms in the city of Beira, Sofala Province.

  • In Sofala province, Portuguese Association of Support to Africa distributed 525 portfolios to two schools (172 for EPC of Mile 8 and 353 for EPC of Fotine); constructed two kitchens at EPC (Mile 8 and Nhampuepue); constructed a fountain at EPC in Nhampuepue.


  • More student kits are needed in Metuge and Montepuez district in Cabo Delgado as the number of IDP’s is increasing. Moreover, kits for personal hygiene and school cleaning are needed when schools reopen.

  • In Manica Province, support is needed for the construction of 100 tarp tents in Sussundenga, Macate, Mossurize and Gondola District. There is also need for the construction and rehabilitation of 200 classrooms including equipment to improve classrooms built by the community.