Situation Report

Responding to an unprecedented crisis

At the onset of the health crisis, the Government announced several decisions and barrier measures to contain the spread of the virus, including: declaration of a state of health emergency throughout the country, closing of borders, establishment of a curfew, restrictions on movement between regions, ban on gatherings of more than 50 people, closure of worship places, schools and entertainment facilities.

On 7 May, the COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP) was launched, appealing for funds to protect millions of people affected by the spread of the virus in fragile countries including Niger. In providing assistance, the humanitarian community has adopted a series of barrier measures to protect implementing staff and beneficiaries including: physical distancing during assistance, installation of handwashing stations and distribution of hygiene promotion kits, risk communications and outreach, isolation of COVID-19 patients, education by radio and television and temperature checks.