Situation Report

Humanitarian situation overview

Aperçu generale de la situation humanitaire

The emergence of new humanitarian needs and the persistence of the needs not covered led to a worsening of the vulnerability of the people affected in 2019. This situation is further aggravated by factors related to the deterioration of the security situation in the three regions of Diffa, Tahoua and Tillabéri, where non-state armed groups have increased their activities during the last months. In Diffa, recent attacks by armed groups have resulted in secondary movements of about thousands of people. In Tahoua and Tillaberi, around 80,000 people have been internally displaced since the beginning of the year. Recently, the deterioration of the security at the Nigeria border has also led to the displacement of more than 35,000 Nigerians towards the region of Maradi. Humanitarian resources continue to decline as needs grow. To date, 9 months after the beginning of the year, the humanitarian response plan for Niger is funded at only 36% of the required budget (in comparison, at the same period in 2018, the plan was financed at 41%).