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The Logistics Sector strengthens humanitarian logistics services and facilitates logistics coordination and information services for humanitarian actors, and to increase humanitarian actor’s capacity to perform logistics duties. A total of 91 partners across the BAY states need key logistics and coordination support.


The Logistics Sector processed a total of 1,022 humanitarian cargo movement notification forms through the Nigerian Armed Forces in January and February 2020. These represent the proposed movement of 3,646 trucks carrying humanitarian cargo to 55 locations on behalf of 29 organisations across Borno, Adamawa and Yobe (BAY) states. Of these trucks, 2,507 required military escorts. Sector-managed storage facilities, operated by NGO service providers in six locations across Borno State, received 2,968.74 m³ (1192.10 mT) of humanitarian cargo for 13 organisations. The Logistics Sector consolidated and airlifted 41.913 m3 (20.682 mT) of cargo to various field location for 14 partner organizations.

The Logistics Sector held one regular coordination meeting and two ad-hoc meetings in Maiduguri in January and February, attended by 65 participants representing 33 organisations.

The Logistics Sector is on track to achieving its key performance indicators for 2020 and will continue to ensure that progress towards their achievement is monitored and adjustments are made as required.

In January and February, a total of 2,424 passengers travelled on the UNHAS fixed wing aircraft, while 8,501 passengers were transported on the helicopters. UNHAS also transported a total of 37,708 kgs of cargo on both the fixed wing aircraft and the helicopters.


Looking ahead, the Logistics Sector will continue to provide common storage services, information management support and civil-military coordination to partner organizations.   The Sector will also continue to conduct essential trainings and advise partners on road movement restrictions and continue sharing essential information to support planning efforts. The Logistics Sector will continue to increase partner storage capacity, having approximately 20 warehouse mobile storage units on loan to partners for their own use, for a total of nearly 5,000 square meters of covered storage space. Additional storage units and installation support will continue to be made readily available to partners upon request.