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In November 2020, the 5W report indicated that only 37% per cent of children and their caregivers were reached with child protection services, despite an increase in needs across the BAY states. An analysis by Child Protection (CP) services indicates severe needs in mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) as 36% and community-based reintegration services and 34%. Children still face critical protection risks. The 5W report reveal 63% of total targets for 2020 are yet to be reached with core CP services, especially unaccompanied and separated children who continued to be challenged by protection risks such as sexual violence, physical safety in the communities, fear of disease (like COVID-19), kidnapping and forced marriage.


To aid strategic planning for 2021, the Child Protection sub-sector (CPSS) Humanitarian Response Plan, which details the target population and objectives for the 2021 Humanitarian Program Cycle, was developed and shared with partners to serve as a guide for aligning their projects against the sub-sector’s priorities. Projects from 20 partners (12 national NGOs, 6 international NGOs and 2 UN agencies) were approved on the project module with financial requirements of USD 20M for 2021. A virtual orientation session was carried out by the CPSS to support service mapping and development of referral pathways in Yobe State. The service mapping and referral pathways for Yobe State and Mubi Axis in Adamawa state were updated through LGA-level child protection coordination mechanisms. To provide strategic direction and guidance to the work of the CPSS and facilitate timely and effective decision-making, national and international NGO representatives elected and endorsed the new composition of the CPSS Strategic Advisory Group (SAG). The newly elected representatives from two national NGOs (Herwa and ROHI) and international NGOs (IRC and Search for Common Ground) join the 2021 SAG for an annual tenure.


As of December 2020, 40 per cent of children and caregivers out of the total targeted population were reached with child protection services. Only 38% of the targeted children had been reached with family tracing and reunification services and only 43% of the targeted children and vulnerable caregivers had been reached with psychosocial support services. In total, only 431,878 people out of the targeted 1,072,274 children and vulnerable caregivers had been reached with child protection services in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states, representing only 40% of the total target. The CPSS has continue to disseminate gaps and needs identified by the LGA level coordination with partners to take up and provide child protection services.