Situation Report
Tribute to private sector staff who have been providing their services and other support amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

We too are frontliners (Private Sector Staff PDRF/PLDT)

Due to quarantine limitations, Deedee, Team Head for the Customer Line Resolution Management of PLDT, chose to be away from her family so that she can continue to serve with her team. Deedee shares, “While our customers work from home, our internet services are important to them especially during this time. This may be a little sacrifice that we can do for them now so that we can help them stay and work at home.”

Her family in Cebu, co-workers in PLDT, and strong faith continue to motivate her at work now. She explains, “Prayers will move mountains. My faith has strengthened, and I believe that everything will pass. We are uncertain with COVID-19, but our faith is strong.”


Darwin has been working for PLDT for the last 7 years. His role is to check and resolve connection problems, primarily of PLDT Home customers. “Before I joined the lock-in arrangement in the office, I talked to my family and girlfriend. I explained to them our office scenario and that even if we don’t see each other temporarily, there are many ways for us to communicate through social media and video calls. While we stay here inside, we are able to help families who are working from home and need a reliable internet connection,” he says.


At PLDT, Jisell’s responsibilities include offering second-line maintenance and troubleshooting for Internet and phone connections. If a ticket is not resolved, she would have a field technician deployed to check the problem onsite. As a newlywed, it's difficult for Jisell to live away from home. “Sometimes I cry whenever we talk through video chat because I feel like I’m abroad and we’re far from each other. Despite the situation, I’m happy to be of service to our country,” she says.


Rudsen’s work entails the support of PLDT technicians, hotline services, and restoration of customer lines. He is the breadwinner of his young family, with a wife who just gave birth to their weeks-old youngest child. Luckily, his wife was discharged after her delivery days before the ECQ.

Before PLDT announced a lock-in arrangement, Rudsen still had time to spend with his family, delightfully treasuring his first moments with his newborn baby. “I prepared myself and my family for this temporary situation. I explained to my family that I couldn’t stay at home because I’m needed at work. Telecommunication services are very important now, especially for our frontliners and healthcare workers. While we’re inside the office, we are able to help them,” he says.


Julius provides second-line maintenance and troubleshooting for PLDT Home customers experiencing connection problems. He shares that time away from his family has been the longest ever. “Ito yung pinaka-matagal na panahon na wala ako sa bahay. Feeling ko para akong overseas worker na malayo sa pamilya,” he explains. Despite this, he is inspired to do his work, knowing that what he is doing is for the good of a lot of people. “I want to contribute by keeping our customers happy and helping them restore their connection as quickly as I can,” he says.