Situation Report
The rescue team returning from Boore island. Photo Warsame/OCHA
The rescue team returning from Boore island. Photo Warsame/OCHA

Marooned families among 1,000,000 people impacted by floods

Floods triggered by heavy Gu’ (April-June) rains are starting to recede in some places. As of 2 June, 1 million people have been affected by flooding in 29 districts across Somalia, of whom almost a half a million have been displaced from their homes. Belet Weyne district is severely affected by flooding for the third consecutive year. The rains have washed away thousands of hectares of crops, exacerbating food insecurity in affected areas. Partners are also deeply concerned that the rains could escalate the current outbreak of water borne diseases particularly acute watery diarrhea and cholera, especially among IDPs living in crowded settlements across the country. Humanitarian agencies have ramped up efforts to mitigate the devastating effects of the rains and have reached more than 255,000 people with lifesaving assistance. This includes food, clean water, emergency shelter, nutrition and medical supplies for people who were affected by the floods. To support scaled up efforts by the Federal Government and member states, the agencies are mobilising assistance within the limited resources available. Most of Somalia’s annual rainfall (75 per cent) is recorded during the Gu’ (April-June). season. As a result, the performance of the season is critical both for crop and livestock dependent communities. On a positive note, the current heavy rainfall is expected to replenish the water catchments and subsequently boost water availability and pasture regeneration for livestock.