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Eviction and prevention in 2020
Eviction and prevention in 2020

Nearly a million Somalis displaced this year

Between January and August 2020, more than 885,000 people were displaced, largely due to floods and conflict. This is nearly 70 per cent higher than figures recorded for the same period in 2019. According to the UNHCR/NRC-led Protection Return and Monitoring Network (PRMN), more than 627,872 people were newly displaced by floods in 2020. Armed conflict and insecurity have also uprooted an estimated 175,194 people from their homes.

Evictions, sometimes forced with little or no warning, also continues to be reported with an estimated 97,624 displaced persons affected between January and August this year. Of these, some 63,930 people were evicted in Mogadishu alone. This is lower than the figures recorded in the first half of the year due to prevention steps taken by the humanitarian partners. A total of 20,831 evictions were prevented between February and May 2020. Humanitarian partners continue to provide life-saving, livelihood support and to advocate for durable solutions for internally displaced persons. In July, the Shelter Cluster assisted nearly 1,800 persons with standard household kits comprising of plastic sheets, blankets, jerry cans, sleeping mats and kitchen sets. As part of advocacy aimed to mitigate the impact of displacement in the context of COVID-19, the Protection Cluster with the support of partners has developed a moratorium on eviction in April 2020 and shared with Federal Government of Somalia and member states to enforce the moratorium.

Somalia is a home to 2.6 million IDPs living in over 2,300 IDP sites in urban and peri-urban areas. Over 80 per cent of the IDP sites are informal settlements on private land while 74 per cent of them are in urban areas. In addition, close to 3,000 refugees and asylum seekers live in Somalia, mostly from Yemen and Ethiopia.