Situation Report

Sector Status

COVID-19 Response Pillar 7: Case Management



Immediate priorities include the improvement and scaling up of isolation centres at the state level.


FMoH plans to set up 18 case management centres in Sudan. There are currently 314 beds for case management available in Sudan, with different states of readiness. Khartoum has 125 beds in Umbadda, Khartoum and Jabra hospitals, with the intention to increase up to 1,433 beds across the country. Jabra remains the main centre receiving mild and severe cases. At state level, SMoHs have identified locations where isolation centres will be established, however, supplies are needed to make them fully operational. IOM, through private sector partners, has been able to secure the donation of 20 AC units as a first step towards improving the ventilation system of Jabra Hospital. The AC units installation work is underway. Before the start of the works, IOM medical team trained seven workers and distributed PPE materials to ensure the safety of the workers, the medical team and patients at the Jabra hospital. WHO is supporting training for Ministry of Health staff on case management at state level. FMoH, MSF, and WHO trained staff – including 40 emergency doctors - from 90 hospitals on case management, IPC and triage. An additional 168 people were trained in Red Sea, Sennar and Blue Nile states. Approximately 100 ambulance drivers have been trained on infection control. Welthungerhilfe (WHH) will support the isolation centre in Al Lait locality, in North Darfur State, with non-medical materials, including beds. There are estimated over 23,000 South Sudanese refugees in this locality, living in overcrowded settlements. In addition, WHH will also support with the construction of quarantine areas with temporary structures to isolate cases and prevent the spread of the virus.


  • Data on location and capacity of isolation centres.

  • PPEs for medical staff.

  • Low levels of stock of medicines and medical supplies inside the country amidst rapidly raising prices.

  • Supplies are required for isolation centres outside of Khartoum.