Situation Report

Sector Status

COVID-19 Response Pillar 4: Points of Entry (PoE)



Immediate priorities include strengthening the screening and quarantine facilities at points of entry (PoEs).


The 14th Mobility Restriction Dashboard was published on 6 August 2020.  For more information and infographics on the current movement restrictions, see the IOM report.  

Needs assessment was conducted at the Red Sea points of entry (PoEs), highlighting the need for medical equipment and supplies at the proposed isolation centre in Sawakin Port (which will be renovated under IOM funding). WHO has the full list of requirements. A joint WHO/FMOH/IOM needs assessment mission is planned to Northern State.


Further information is required on needs and gaps at PoEs on the border between Sudan and Egypt, as well as a regular and accurate reporting on passenger flows of stranded Sudanese migrants through these borders. Work on infection prevention control and passenger-flow management is required at the departure area in Khartoum International Airport to complement the measures already in place for arrivals. Renovation of Khartoum International Airport isolation area under process – equipment and medical supplies required – list of needs circulated but needs a response.