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Emergency Response
Floods Al-Assal Jebel-Aulya-locality Khartoum-State 2Sept20
Flood-affected neighbourhood in Al Assal area, Jebel Aulya locality, Khartoum State (OCHA, 3 September 2020)

Government and humanitarians continue to assist hundreds of thousands of people affected by ongoing floods in Sudan

Sudan continues to face its worst flooding in decades. Weeks of torrential downpours have caused deaths, displacement, and massive destructions to key infrastructure and livelihoods across the country, with Khartoum, North Darfur, Sennar, and West Darfur states amongst the hardest-hit.

Over 120 people have lost their lives and the number of people critically affected reached nearly 830,000 as of 24 September, according to the Government’s Humanitarian Aid Commission.

More than 78,600 houses have been completely destroyed and we have reports of nearly 87,300 houses damaged. Over 420 schools are damaged and several roads impassable. Access to clean water and health services, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been compromised. Around 3,200 health centres are damaged or non-functional, around 15,900 latrines collapsed and the break of the Bout Earth Dam in Blue Nile State, on 29 July, risks compromising access to water for over 100,000 people, including IDPs and refugees, who rely on it as their primary source of water.

The Government and aid organizations are closely monitoring the situation and providing life-saving assistance to people affected. Humanitarians reached over 400,000 people with critical support.

But the stock is being depleted rapidly and more support, including from donors, is urgently needed. The Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan for 2020, which seeks US$1.6 billion, is less than 45 per cent funded.

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