Situation Report

Sector Status

COVID-19 Response Pillar 8: Operational Support and Logistics



  • Review supply chain control and management system (stockpiling, storage, security, transportation and distribution arrangements) for medical and other essential supplies.

  • Review procurement processes (including importation and customs) for medical and other essential supplies and encourage local sourcing to ensure sustainability.

  • Support FMoH with equipment and consumables.

  • Air freight from the UN regional hub to Khartoum.


Training on the WFP supplies tracker begun on 13 July and will end on 19 July. Twenty-three focal points from national NGOs, international NGOs and UN registered for the training. Some supplies requested through the WHO procurement portal are still pending verification. The issue has been raised with WHO headquarters.

The pillar partners are reviewing request to support the repair of State Ministry of Health (SMoH) ambulances in 11 localities in West Kordofan.

An official request from the National Medical Supplies Fund (NMSF) has been received on the support to transport COVID-19 supplies and regular medicines.


  • Several agencies, particularly NGOs have not shared the information on procurement of supplies.

  • In order to have visibility on supplies coming into the country and distribution, it is paramount to have this information captured.