Situation Report

Sector Status

COVID-19 Response Pillar 8: Operational Support and Logistics



  • Review supply chain control and management system (stockpiling, storage, security, transportation and distribution arrangements) for medical and other essential supplies.

  • Review procurement processes (including importation and customs) for medical and other essential supplies, and encourage local sourcing to ensure sustainability

  • Support to MoH - equipment and consumables

  • Air freight from regional hub to Khartoum


The activation of the Logistics Cluster is underway to support operations. The global COVID-19 Supply Chain Task Force has been set up and will focus on: • Establishing and implementing a global strategy to ensure access to critical and life-saving supplies as identified by WHO; • Bringing together the collective capabilities of public and private actors to meet these needs; • Ensuring the flow of vital supplies and essential cargo. In Sudan, WFP leads together with WHO and UNICEF the operational support and logistics pillar. The pillar implements supply chain control, security, transport storage and distribution of COVID-19 Disease Commodity Package (DCP) and other essential supplies in country. Partners are encouraged to register at country level for access to the partner platform to upload their demand for critical items.

Accessing the COVID-19 Supply Portal: • If not already registered, sign up to the COVID-19 Partners Platform ( • Applications must be approved by the platform’s Country Administrator/s • Once approved, log in and follow the link to the COVID-19 Supply Portal • Register to become a user of the COVID-19 Supply Portal The Emergency Service Marketplace has been launched. This digital platform provides information on services, availability, and overall logistics updates on the COVID-19 response.


  • The closure of borders has negatively impacted arrival of supplies—the majority of which arrive through Khartoum or Port Sudan.

  • The shortage of fuel is affecting transportation, which will negatively impact moving supplies across the country.

  • UNHAS passenger flights are suspended during the lockdown in Khartoum.