Situation Report
Emergency Response
2020 donor contributions to the Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SHF)

In 2020, 7.6 million vulnerable people in Sudan were assisted with funds allocated by the Sudan Humanitarian Fund

In 2020, the Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SHF) raised US$72.6 million, the highest amount in seven years, thanks to the generosity of the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Italy, Korea, Estonia and private contributors. This funding allowed the SHF to play an important role in a coordinated, multi-cluster humanitarian response that provided critical support to 7.6 million vulnerable people across the country.

Almost half the $75 million allocated by the Fund in 2020 was channelled through the Reserve for Emergencies (RfE), which allowed the SHF to quickly provide funds in response to five humanitarian crises: COVID-19; a locust invasion; a vaccine-derived polio outbreak; unprecedented floods; and the refugee influx from Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

In 2020 the SHF also piloted the Emergency Rapid Response Mechanism (ERRM), which allowed the disbursement of pre-approved funds within the first days of an emergency. The ERRM was successfully used to respond to the floods and the Ethiopian refugee crisis.

For more information on the activities of the SHF in 2020 read the Sudan Humanitarian Fund Annual Report 2020