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Sector Status

COVID-19 Response Pillar 2: Risk communication and community engagement

pop. reached by COVID-19 messaging


Although risk communication campaigns and messages have reached a large percentage of the population, this has not yet resulted in widespread compliance with COVID-19 prevention measures and practices. Further engagement with existing community-based networks, media, local NGOs, schools, local governments and other sectors, including the private companies and business, using a consistent mechanism of communication, it needed to increase the impact of communication campaigns.


The Kuwait Patient Help Fund Society’s (KPHF) COVID-19 response is focusing its response on Gezira, Kassala, North Darfur, and South Darfur states. The following COVID-19 response activities by KPHF started on 9 August in these states: TV and radio awareness sessions, dissemination of COVID-19 posters and social media messages. 


Needs assessments of places of worship, including churches, in Khartoum State to start their engagement in RCCE activities ahead of opening to worshippers after the ease of lockdown measures.