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West Darfur location map 25 April 2022

Flash Update: Kereneik & Ag Geneina Inter-communal Conflict, No. 02 (28 Apr 2022)


  • Heavy fighting has ceased but the situation in Ag Geneina town remains unpredictable since 26 April.

  • The rural hospital in Kereneik is closed and injured people are being sent to Ag Geneina hospital for treatment.

  • Humanitarians call on the parties to the conflict to protect civilians.

  • There are concerning reports of looted humanitarian facilities. Humanitarians call on all to protect humanitarian facilities and objects.

  • Humanitarians are ready to assist those in need as soon as the security situation permits.


The situation in Ag Geneina town has quieted but remains unpredictable following fighting that started on 22 April. Gunfire was heard between 26 and 27 April and again in the evening of 27 April. The situation in Kereneik is reportedly calm. Initial reports by local authorities in Kereneik indicate that between 150 and 213 people were killed and about 100 injured. Casualty numbers of people killed and injured in Ag Geneina are not yet available.

The rural hospital in Kereneik has reportedly been looted and is closed. Many of the injured are being sent to Ag Geneina hospital for treatment. In Ag Geneina, shops and markets are partially open, with traders seemingly going on with their business since 25 April. People and vehicles are moving in Ag Geneina town and children have been seen going to school. Displaced women have started returning to the gathering sites in Ag Geneina as of 26 April. Road blockades are still in place. There are some commercial vehicles on the road between Ag Geneina and Zalingei today. There is an enhanced Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) presence throughout Ag Geneina and there are reports of groups of armed men deploying to and around the city. Staff are working from home since 25 April, however, some critical staff were able to access their offices on 27 April.

A Government delegation consisting of the Transitional Sovereignty Council member Dr. Abdul Baqi Abdul Qadir Al-Zabir, Mr Yassin Ibrahim Yassin, Minister of Defense and Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Health arrived from Khartoum to Ag Geneina on 27 April.

Flights to Ag Geneina have resumed. Commercial flights resumed and United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) is planning a flight scheduled for 29 April and UNITAMS have one flight scheduled for 30 April. While there are roadblocks between the airport and Ag Geneina, the road is passable.

Several humanitarian facilities have reportedly been looted in Kereneik. An inter-agency mission to Kereneik is planned as soon as the security situation allows. The objective of the mission is mainly to conduct a security assessment to enable humanitarian distributions, understand initial needs, and to deliver initial health supplies.

Humanitarian agencies call on the parties to the conflict to ensure the protection of civilians; the protection of humanitarian staff and assets; and to allow humanitarian access to those in need of assistance.


Health and Nutrition Sectors

  • There are enough stocks available to start response. There are more supplies available in Zalingei.

  • The resumption of the mobile clinic in Galala, Kereneik locality, is delayed as partners seek ways to support the nomadic community. The Medical Assistant of the clinic was killed in the fighting on 22 and 23 April.

  • 10 cartons of Plumpy-nut will be delivered with the rapid assessment mission. State Ministry of Health staff are available to resume nutrition services.

Shelter and Non-Food Items Sector

  • There are over 6,000 non-food item kits (NFIs) available, with an additional 7,000 kits available if needed.

  • There are 700 tents, and 700 kitchen sets available for distribution.

  • There is also the possibility of implementing cash-based interventions.

Protection Sector

  • There are 7,000 gender-based violence dignity kits in Nyala (South Darfur) ready to be sent to the affected localities.

Food and Livelihoods Sector

  • The release of food for more than 26,000 people has been approved.


Inter-communal conflict between Arab nomads and the Masalit tribe in Kereneik locality started on 4 December 2021 over a property dispute at a local market. Over 61,000 people were affected and took refuge in Kereneik town and surrounding villages. At least 67 people were killed, 78 were injured and many lost their possessions and livestock. (Source, IOM DTM). As of 14 February, 36,700 IDPs remained in Kereneik town and surrounding villages, the rest having returned to their home areas. (Source, IOM DTM).

An estimated 487,000 people live in Kereneik locality, including 146,700 displaced people, according to the 2022 Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO). Some 265,700 people in the state need humanitarian assistance in 2022 (HNO). Over 73,000 people in Kereneik were in crisis and above levels of food security between October 2021 and February 2022, according to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) report.

An estimated 646,000 people live in Ag Geneina locality, including 126,700 displaced people, according to IOM 2021 mobility tracking. Some 371,500 people in the state need humanitarian assistance in 2022 (HNO). Over 129,100 people in Ag Geneina were in crisis and above levels of food security between October 2021 and February 2022, according to IPC.

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