Situation Report
Flash Update
Blue Nile location and displacement map

Sudan: Conflict – Ar Rusayris locality, Blue Nile State Flash Update No. 03 (21 July 2022)


  • About 14,000 people displaced by intercommunal violence in Ar Rusayris locality, Blue Nile State are in Ed Damazine.

  • An additional 4,000 people from Ar Rusaysir are reportedly seeking shelter and assistance in Sennar State.

  • Humanitarian organizations continue to provide the displaced and affected people with assistance.

  • Health partners have dispatched supplies enough to cater to the needs of 30,000 people for three months. About 5,000 displaced people received initial food assistance

  • An inter-agency mission is planned to Ar Rusayris on 22 July.

Fourteen thousand people are displaced in three schools in Ed Damazine town from Ar Rusayris locality, following intercommunal violence that started in Ganis town (Ar Rusayris locality) and spread to other parts of the locality last week, according to the Blue Nile State Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC). Due to overcrowding in the three schools where the displaced people are staying, local authorities have relocated some of them to five other schools in Ed Damazine town. There are reports of people displaced outside the town. The Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) has so far registered 105 deaths related to the violence. In addition, an estimated 4,000 people are reportedly displaced to Sennar State. Priority needs identified so far are food, WASH, and non-food items.

The security situation in the Blue Nile is calm but unpredictable. On 20 July, clashes resumed between Hausa and Hamaj tribes in the Ganis area of Ar Rusayris locality. Due to this incident, the planned inter-agency assessment mission on 20 July to Ar Rusayris was postponed to 22 July, the security situation allowing.

Humanitarian organisations continue to provide the displaced and other affected people with assistance. Health sector partners have provided emergency health supplies for about 30,000 people for three months. These supplies include three Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHKs) 2017 and some trauma kits. FMoH dispatched a surgical team to Blue Nile. The Sudanese Red Crescent (SRCS) deployed 51 volunteers in Rusayris and Ed Damazine to support the evacuation of injured people to Damazine hospital and provided miscellaneous medical supplies to Blue Nile and Sennar states. Health partners are also supporting the Damazine hospital with essential lifesaving health supplies and commodities.

Health taskforces, that include relevant directorates, were established to provide the needed technical support to the Blue Nile State Ministry of Health (SMoH) to develop a contingency plan, monitor its implementation, and mobilize the needed resources.

WASH sector partners provided five water storage tanks in gathering sites to ensure access to safe drinking water. The Blue Nile State Water Corporation is mobilized and conducting water trucking in all gathering points. WASH partners also provided soap and hygiene kits (250 cartons of soap, 200 hygiene kits, 450 jerricans, and 250 buckets) to mitigate the risk of disease outbreaks (and epidemics) in view of the rainy season and flooding, with newly displaced people being most at risk. Additional essential lifesaving supplies such as bed nets, personal protective equipment (PPEs), essential medicines, water tanks, water purification tablets, and recreational kits are being dispatched for the newly displaced people.

About 1,000 NFI kits will be distributed shortly in the three schools hosting the displaced. Solar systems are planned to be installed in the same schools to provide lighting and power.

National NGO partners have provided the IDPs in Damazine town with hot meals since their arrival. Civil society groups from Aj Jazira State provided food supplies for IDPs in Damazine town. Food Security and Livelihoods sector partners have distributed half rations to 5,000 displaced people.

The nutrition sector mobilized partners to support the SMoH in catering to children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (Outpatient Therapeutic Programme) and with medical complications (Stabilization Center), Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme, and blanket supplementary feeding for under-five and pregnant lactating women. One partner is mobilized to support SMoH with a mobile clinic. All supplies are available, and the MUAC screening in displacement locations is ongoing.

Child protection partners support children and families displaced by inter-communal violence with lifesaving supplies and services (health, nutrition, water, sanitation, hygiene, and child protection). Monitoring of grave violations of child rights is underway. Meanwhile, 600 dignity kits have been distributed in one of the IDP sites in Damazine. The distribution of kits in the military hospital is continuing. Partners working on GBV case management have confirmed the availability of required kits.