Situation Report
Emergency Response

US$52 million urgently needed to address most acute and time-critical humanitarian needs ahead of winter

In the first six months of 2019, more than 650,000 people have received humanitarian assistance and protection services on both sides of the ‘contact line’. However, the response has been challenged due to a lack of funds. The discontinuation of food assistance to over 30,000 vulnerable people is one of the many examples of the impact that underfunding has had. With needs exceeding the resources to respond, people’s conditions are expected to be even more severe with the start of winter.

The Humanitarian Coordinator is urgently calling for US$52 million to allow UN agencies and NGOs to meet humanitarian needs in 2019 that simply cannot go unmet. This priority funding represents some 30 per cent of our annual appeal and is intended to meet the acute and time-critical needs of the most vulnerable.

The projects proposed under this appeal cut across different types of humanitarian action, from education, food, health, shelter, and protection to water and sanitation. They seek to provide some 25,000 food people with food; some 80,000 people with critical health services; some 70,000 people with winter protection, and thousands more with aid across other sectors without which, their conditions will simply significantly deteriorate.

The people of eastern Ukraine are only two months away from facing their sixth winter of conflict. Their resources have long reached a breaking point. The relief that aid agencies can provide will make a huge difference for people affected. Strengthened donor support is therefore needed more than ever - it is time to turn these priority projects into real action.

See the priorities document for a detailed account of needs and requirements: