Situation Report

COVID-19 update (Government-controlled areas)

Ministry of Health of Ukraine confirms 45,887 as of 2 July.

  • First case: 29 February 2020

  • Total cases: 45,887 (as of 2 July 2020)

  • Total deaths: 1,185

  • States affected: All 24 oblasts

  • Luhanska oblast: 83 confirmed cases

  • Donetska oblast: 562 confirmed cases (9 deaths)

  • Borders/flights: Ukraine re-opened 49 crossing points with neighbouring countries (i.e., Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation, and Slovakia). Ukraine also resumed international and domestic passenger flights from 15 June 2020 and allowed entry for all foreigners. All passengers coming from the ‘red-zone’ countries must undergo self-isolation or hospitalization upon arrival. The list of ‘green-zone’ and ‘red-zone’ countries is available here. Several countries have also conditionally re-opened their borders for Ukrainians.

  • Containment measures: In mid-March, the Government of Ukraine imposed quarantine restrictions to minimize the risk of transmission across the country, including in the conflict-affected area of eastern Ukraine. In May, these restrictions began to ease based on the fulfillment of criteria adopted on both sides of the ‘contact line.’ In the Government-controlled areas, the implementation of the quarantine exit strategy has been dynamic, with oblasts adapting restriction measures according to testing capacity, COVID-19 cases growth rate, hospital bed occupancy and COVID-19 detection rate. As of 2 July, 14 of 24 oblasts in Ukraine met the criteria to proceed with easing the COVID-19-related restrictions. Donetska oblasts was not among them lagging behind on testing. The adaptive quarantine will remain in place until 31 July 2020 and might be extended further.