Venezuela - September 2020

Situation Report

Cluster Status



Due to quarantine measures implemented to combat COVID-19, humanitarian actors continue to face access challenges which affect project implementation. At the same time, the 7+7 scheme, which provides for the reactivation of economic sectors after seven days of radical quarantine, facilitates movement during the weeks of flexibilization. However, organizations need support in obtaining permits to facilitate deliveries and activities in the field.


The Cluster continues its coordination and support activities in information management, providing updates and reports in terms of logistics capacity and access restrictions. This includes the development of guidelines and mechanisms within the framework of the COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP).  

The Cluster supported the compilation and dissemination of information for the repatriation flights organized by the embassies and the humanitarian flights organized by the World Food Program to Venezuela, from the operational hub in Panama. 

The Cluster, through the media channels, such as group communications and mailing lists, facilitates the exchange of practical logistics information between partners.


Disruptions in the global supply chain, including restrictions on air and sea traffic as well as border closures, continue to impact the ability to procure inputs on a global scale. Common efforts have been made to activate shared transport services and an inter-agency system of prioritization for the purchase of critical inputs within the COVID-19 GHRP.  

The possibilities for transporting humanitarian supplies were limited during the last reporting period. Humanitarian organizations are facing a shortage of supply to transport and import the inputs needed for their programmes. 

The closure of airspaces and borders has made it more difficult for NGO humanitarian workers to enter and leave the country, affecting the development of their programmes and the effectiveness of their response to the epidemic.  

Flights organized and managed as part of the World Food Programme's logistical support to the global response have had some challenges, especially with authorizations to facilitate the movement of humanitarian personnel. Due to the complexity of migration procedures, access to these flights has been restricted for NGO humanitarian personnel.