Venezuela December 2019

Situation Report

Cluster Status

Food Security and Livelihoods

People benefited food security activities


The main challenge to food security is the ability of the most vulnerable people to access food. The Documentation and Analysis Center of Workers (CENDA) in its December report, points out that an average family to cover the monthly cost of the Basic Food Basket requires 101.7 minimum wages (BS. 150,000.00).

The main seasonal maize crop harvest is ongoing and total production in 2019 is expected to be well below average. The decrease is mainly due to a significant reduction in the planted area, which was due to high costs of and a general lack of agricultural inputs in the local market. This has been caused by a significant depreciation of the currency and import difficulties, which in turn have restricted farmers’ production capacity


85,000 people in 23 states benefited from food security support such as food distribution and production in December 2019.

36 Educational Units and 4 Technical Schools (300 people including teachers, and producers) have received assistance to strengthen their capacities in nutritional care.

10 enumerators and 2 supervisors received training in measuring and analysis instruments for resilience in Food and Nutritional Security (RIMA instruments) to initiate rapid food recovery activities for 350 rural families in Lara.


It is necessary to strengthen the response capacity of the Cluster and mobilize more resources to respond to the scale of needs.

It is necessary to support food production among the country's smallholder farmers to compensate for food deficits and to avoid a further deterioration of food security.

It is necessary to distribute high-yielding and early ripening maize and rice seeds, as well as vegetable seeds before the main planting season. These should target the most vulnerable agricultural households in the states of Lara, Trujillo, Portuguesa and Merida.

School farms need to be established in urban, peri-urban and rural areas, focusing on the production of short cycle vegetables, cereals and domestic gardening.

Cash based transfers are needed to support seed production and local seed markets prior to the planting season.

There is a need to continue supporting Venezuelan internal migrants and host communities, including in rural border areas, by boosting local food production and increasing income opportunities.