Situation Report

Civilian casualties fall in the year since the Stockholm Agreement

Civilian casualties since the start of the conflict in 2015 are just below 20,000 (19,833 verified casualties between March 2015 and the end of 2019, according to the Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights – OHCHR). Data collected by humanitarian partners indicates that civilian causalities fell by around one-third in 2019, following the Stockholm Agreement in December 2018 which aimed to bring about a ceasefire in Al Hodeidah.

OHCHR verified 1,942 civilian casualties in 2019, down 29 per cent from 2,712 in 2018, with fatalities down by 32 per cent, from 1,078 in 2018 to 735 in 2019, and child casualties down 22 per cent to 739 in 2019. Actual numbers are likely to be higher but are difficult to verify. Data from the Protection Cluster’s Civilian Impact Monitoring Project (CIMP), based on open sources, recorded a higher number of civilian casualties in 2019, but confirmed a similar overall downward trend. According to CIMP, there were 3,221 civilian casualties in 2019, a 35 per cent reduction from the 4,924 reported in 2018. Of these, 1,104 were fatalities, down 48 per cent from 2,049 in 2018, and 837 were child casualties, down 24 per cent from 1,104 in 2018.