Situation Report
Hajr, Hadramaut ©Hadramaut Metereology Early Warning Team/June 2020
Hajr, Hadramaut ©Hadramaut Metereology Early Warning Team/June 2020

Heavy rains and flooding hit southern and eastern governorates

Following the devastating rains that hit Yemen in April that affected the lives of tens of thousands of people, destroying shelters, damaging infrastructure and disrupting services, heavy rains again struck southern and eastern governorates in early June. In the Aden hub area, torrential rains were preceded by a sandstorm in coastal areas of Hadramaut, that damaged sites for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Al Raida (Korsham IDP site) and Qusayar districts (Muhenim IDP site) and the Buaish IDP site in Al Mukalla City. Areas of the Ibb and Al Hudaydah hubs were also affected. Heavy rain was recorded in Al Maharah Governorate on 2 June and in Marib, flooding cut off the main road linking Al Bayda and Marib governorates for several hours on 4 June, and again on 5 June. In the Aden hub area, 1,076 families were affected by the rains (376 families in Aden, 103 in Hadramaut, 63 in Al Maharah, 222 in Al Dhale’e, 208 in Southern Taizz 25 in Shabwah, and 79 in Abyan). In the Ibb hub areas 501 families were affected (232 families in Ibb, 242 in Taizz, and 27 in Al Dhale’e) and in the Al Hudaydah hub 456 families were affected (36 in Al Mahweet and 420 in Al Hudaydah).

Once again, displaced families were badly affected by the rains and partners have coordinated assessments and response to humanitarian needs arising from the floods. Key response efforts in Hadramaut included volunteering forums providing medicines to 12 health facilities in Hajer District and a local NGO that conducted a one-week fog spray campaign as a preventative measure against malaria. The water network in Al Jawl, Hadramaut, that supplies water to 15,000 people, damaged by the April rains, was rehabilitated, and water trucking in Mayfa’ District provided 800,000 litres of water to families affected by the earlier rains. In Hajr and Mayfa’ districts, basic medicines were provided to the main hospital and 12 health facilities. In Al Dhale’e, where 12 IDP sites were damaged, the response included replacing damaged shelters and providing non-food items to more than 260 families and in Taizz, partners provided a similar response to more than 250 families in 5 IDP sites. In Hajjah in the Al Hudaydah hub, an international NGO completed the distribution of Emergency Shelter Kits to 1,340 families in Abs District. Partners are working on flood preparedness plans, drawing on the experience this year to strengthen future response efforts.