Situation Report

Civilian casualties in June marked by multiple casualty incidents

In the first three weeks of June, civilian casualties continued at a similar rate to May. The Protection Cluster’s Civilian Impact Monitoring Project (CIMP) reported a total of 155 civilian casualties in May, including 46 fatalities (10 children and 7 women) and 109 injured (40 children and 8 women). In the three weeks to 21 June, CIMP reported 108 civilian casualties, including 38 fatalities (9 children and 5 women) and 70 injured (21 children and 10 women). The highest number of civilian casualties reported were in Taizz (28), Sa’ada (21), Al Hudaydah (15), and Shabwah (12).

As many as 65 civilian casualties were reported in 7 multiple casualty incidents between 31 May and 20 June in which 5 or more civilians were killed or injured; 2 of the incidents resulted in more than 10 civilian casualties. The Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mr. Mark Lowcock, highlighted this in his briefing to the UN Security Council on 24 June, “We also continue to see appalling multiple-casualty incidents”, and the Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, Ms. Lise Grande, issued a statement following strikes on a vehicle that killed at least a dozen people, including four children, in Shadaa District in Sa’ada Governorate in the north of Yemen on 15 June. Ms. Grande extended her condolences to the bereaved and urged the parties to the conflict to lay down their arms, “Humanitarian agencies are running out of money and COVID is spreading. Millions of people who depend on food aid and the health services we provide to fight cholera and malaria are now hanging by a thread. There’s only one answer—the war needs to stop.” In an earlier incident in Al Hudaydah on 31 May, 22 civilian casualties were reported – 4 fatalities including 3 children and 18 people injured including 15 children – when artillery shells hit a gathering in Az Zuhur neighbourhood. The other five incidents involving five or more civilian casualties reported in June were in Taizz (where three incidents were reported), Shabwah and Sana’a governorates and involved artillery shelling (two incidents), air strikes, a landmine explosion, and crossfire.