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Empowering displaced families via cash assistance

Thousands of families including Zainab, a 37-year-old mother of five children, were forced to flee their homes in search of safety and security as the war escalated across Sa’dah Governorate in 2017. Zainab and her children moved to the Al-Ghathamah site to settle in a tent. She was worried about how she was going to access food, healthcare services, household items, and shelter for herself and her children .

“After the forced displacement, we were surviving on one meal a day,” said Zainab. Before she fled her home, Zainab worked as a farmer to earn daily wages, enabling her to afford family needs and put food on the table. She never gave up. In the Al-Ghathamah displacement, she woke up every day to collect used plastic bottles for resale to earn money to feed her family.

Relief and Development Peer Foundation (RDP), with the support of the Yemen Humanitarian fund (YHF), launched a project to help people facing challenges such as Zainab. She and her family are part of the 180 families in Al-Ghathamah displacement sites receiving unconditional cash transfer assistance. The project has contributed immensely towards improving access to daily family requirements, mainly enabling families to buy food of their choice. In addition, with cash in their hands, some internally displaced families are now able to identify their priorities and how to spend the cash on a wide range of needs from food for the families to household items. Receiving cash has enabled displaced families to meet their varying needs in a respected and dignified manner.