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Cluster develops a coordinated approach to increasing numbers of eviction threats

As most IDP sites in Yemen are spontaneous rather than planned, evictions are increasingly reported across the country as landowners reclaim their land or property. The Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster reports that there are 1,746 IDP sites with a total population of 713,276 people. In northern governorates, primarily in Dhi As Sufan District in Ibb, there are 26 situations categorized as at risk of eviction - 22 are on private land and 4 on public land – affecting 22,323 people. The most common reasons for the eviction threat include the landowner wanting to use the land or restart activities in facilities occupied by IDPs. In southern governorates as of December 2019, there were 12 IDP sites and 3,535 people at moderate to high risk of eviction.

To ensure a coordinated response to evictions threats, the CCCM Cluster is working with the Protection and Shelter clusters on a tri-cluster approach and has developed an implementation and coordination mechanism. Under the mechanism, CCCM partners are responsible for tracking the status of the land ownership of IDP sites and the intentions of the people living there. CCCM holds consultations with the community on threatened sites and records the information.

For all sites on private land where there is an indication of an eviction intention, the CCCM partner will establish a site level contingency eviction response plan with all stakeholders at the IDP site. The first response of CCCM partners is to assess, in collaboration with Protection partners, the intentions of the community and their preferred course of action.

The next step is to identify the most vulnerable, IDPs so special needs can be addressed. Where the eviction goes ahead, CCCM cluster partners will monitor where people move to and advocate with the Protection and Shelter clusters for assistance including in-kind or rental support. Relocation to another IDP site is a last resort as CCCM policy in Yemen is not to establish new sites due to protection concerns.